About Celina

About Celina

“No one’s ever going to pay me an actually decent amount of money for my art.”

“I am not good enough. No one will ever want to hire me. There’s a bunch of more technically skilled people out there.”

“How and where do I find the people that will pay me?”

Ever told yourself those things before? I know I have.

My name is Celina, and I want to help you become a successful self-employed artist. No more of this starving artist nonsense, we don’t have enough of us as it is and we’re scaring the children.

After spending years researching and figuring out this world of freelancing as an artist, I’m sharing with you the steps on how to break in. All the questions you have about how to start, what to avoid doing, what are the myths and what are the actual stuff you need to focus on (besides your art), you’re going to find it here.

To start off, I want to help you to start earning projects that will pay you a 100 USD per hour.

It isn’t about technique. It isn’t about practising. It isn’t about bidding on 539971_10150656522094221_1558122289_nfreelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr.


  • When you come to the negotiation table, your clients are willing to pay you any price that you ask for — because they have already fell in love with you before you even start.
  • People are emailing you about your projects and are crowing over your work.
  • When you post your work on social media, it’s picked up by the appropriate audience and shared among people who love your art.

I can help you achieve all of that.

Interested in learning more?

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Being an artist is not easy, and being a freelancing one can be even more daunting. Still, why not start learning how today?

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I am ready to get some A-class clients!