The Art of Commissions Podcast Episode 1: Dissecting the Science of Social Media Success Feat. Benjamin Ee

The Art of Commissions Podcast Episode 1: Dissecting the Science of Social Media Success Feat. Benjamin Ee

I am super excited that I am finally revealing the first podcast episode of Art of Commissions!

From now on, I intend to showcase artist feature via podcast instead, since I believe that audio will give the interview format a more personal touch to our listeners and it also allows for greater details to be communicated. As always, I am open to feedback and any other ways to improve Art of Commissions as a resource website for budding freelancing artists.

Much to my greatest pleasure, I’ve had the chance to talk to Benjamin Ee — Art Director of Wymac Gaming Solution and Freelancing Artist as our first podcast guest!

“I could paint like some artsy piece about society and their obsession with technology or I could just paint a picture of a Pikachu, I don’t know, doing a backflip. There will be that satisfaction of creating something. If it makes one more person happy, job done!”

For this episode podcast, Ben and I talked about using social media to represent yourself as an artist, expanding on the previous blog post. This is something that Ben is amazing at, with his art getting regular social media attention. On top of having a good handle on social media, he uses his social media platforms to generate leads for his freelancing business on the side. While there are advantages that social media can have for artists, we also talked about certain dangers that social media can have to growing artists and how to avoid these pitfalls that social media presents.

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Born Anger and Vengeance
Born Anger and Vengeance

In this episode — one hour of packed-in goodness — we discuss important topics such as:

  • Ben’s favorite social media platform as well as the important factors to choosing the social media platform that you are comfortable in.
  • The fatal mistakes that most artists do when using social media and how to distinguish yourself from your competitions with it.
  • The concept and fallacy of viral marketing and why you shouldn’t solely focus on getting your art viral.
  • The dangers of using social media to measure the value of your art and why you shouldn’t rely solely on social media to get people talking about your art.
  • Why showcasing yourself as a person is more important than showcasing yourself as an artist in social media and how that can increase the likelihood to you being hired as an artist.
  • The do’s and do not’s of using social media for networking.

“I think it is a legitimate danger that people should be aware of focusing so much on getting better or getting popular that they forget why they wanted to paint in the first place.”

Vampire's Kiss
Vampire’s Kiss

Benjamin Ee hugely believes in that the most important thing about being an artist is recognizing your own individual uniqueness. He also voiced concerns that many artists nowadays can find themselves in the toxic black hole of social media – using social media to validate the value of the art they created and forgetting the reason to why they started drawing in the first place.

While dialog and discussion about art (after all, who doesn’t like a bit of attention from their own hard work?) is important, he believes that artists should understand that passion behind their art and the message they want to spread to the world. This is the key to finding the perseverance to a long art career.

As he himself said, it doesn’t have to be something overly artsy and meaningful and it could be something as simple as a silly drawing that makes people smile. Even with a simple reason, remembering the meaning behind it will help on the days when you don’t feel like your art is not worthy.

Got any questions or comments for Benjamin Ee? Do leave the comments below and I will forward the questions to Ben!

Do feel free to also check out Benjamin Ee’s tumblr account here!

4 thoughts on “The Art of Commissions Podcast Episode 1: Dissecting the Science of Social Media Success Feat. Benjamin Ee

  1. Amazing podcast, thank you! The podcast fired me up to draw again because it made me realize that… that’s exactly what happened to me (I liked to draw, then I liked the recognition I got from it, and then I forgot why I liked drawing in the first place.)

    Thank you.

    1. I am glad that you found this inspiring, Karen! It is always a great pleasure to hear that something from this website is inspiring. I am sure Ben will agree on that count too. 😀

  2. Such an eye-opening episode! Lots of hard truths for me (guilty of over-curating social media posts and barely-existent portfolio descriptions). Loved the One-Punch Man ref. Looking forward to the next one. 😀

    1. Thank you! It means a lot to hear it and I am glad that this episode was able to create a new perspective to how social media should be approached. I will pass the comment to Ben as well, we are happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

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